At the AGM on July 9th the committee voted all in favour of aproving our first Honorary life member Jill Evans.Huge congratulations Jill.

 Excellent news! IKC Affiliation is approved, a letter from our Chairman…….

**************News Flash***************
The Great Dane Association of Ireland Hon Secretary Mr Brian Malone has received official confirmation from the Irish Kennel Club that the GDAI application for official affiliation has been positively received and recognised. By now all members should have received an email notification to this effect.. This is fantastic news for our fledgling Association and a welcome acknowledgement of the efforts and collaboration from all of our members to date in participating and promoting the Association. While we have agreed collectively that the ethos of our Association is our paramount concern for the welfare and improvement of our beloved breed it is also nice to be recognised by the primary governing body in Ireland for pure bred Dogs. The History page of the IKC outlines some of the reasoning why our Association deserves recognition.
Our common bond as members is our passion and love of Great Danes. For far too long within every breed there has been a division and suspicion that existed between show people and non-show people. People had been categorised depending on their activity as breeder, show person, pet owner, companion etc. Our newly founded Association has been afforded an opportunity to begin a new chapter within the Community of Dog owners and specifically within the community of Great Dane owners to provide an equal and inclusive footing for all members and to create one status alone within the community that of “Great Dane of Ireland Association member”.
In February our committee will hold its first meeting of 2017 at which we hope to create a calendar of events for the coming year. It is envisioned that we will look to combine many activities to encourage participation, education, communication, socialisation and fun for all. I whole heartedly welcome and recommend that any and all ideas that a member may wish to present for consideration are communicated either directly to our Hon Secretary or through any member of the GDAI committee in advance of this meeting. Our Association wishes to grow inclusively and to nurture involvement between and on behalf of our members. The Committee are merely representatives who have pledged to work on behalf of the membership. As we look forward to 2017, let the GDAI become the democratic and inclusive benchmark to all others.
IKC Mission
“Our mission is to advance the health, breeding and sport of purebred dogs and promote responsible dog ownership.
The Founders were very clear on what constituted the Irish Kennel Club.”
“Often the position of the Irish Kennel Club is misunderstood. Some fanciers regard it with the natural hostility of an Irishman to any government. It is forgotten that the democratic foundation of the Irish Kennel Club is the specialist clubs, without which it cannot legally exist. They control it. They are its constituencies from which the representative delegates are provided.” A democratic and inclusive IKC was the way forward.

In common with our Hon Secretaries expression of gratitude, I would also like to thank the Association for affording me the opportunity to represent you as the 1st Chairman of GDAI during this developmental stage in our Association. I am certain that our current members will continue to strengthen alliances and develop long standing friendships embracing old friendships and gaining many new friends and fans as the years progress.
I encourage everyone to reach out to friends and family, contacts within and outside of the Dog world to like and Share our public page and to raise awareness of our Association.
Kind Regards
Derek Nevin


Facebook Christmas photo competition.

Winner of the christmas competition was Catherine Joyce McIvor and her picture of the stunning Bubba looking very festive!











Our Inaugural event took place on  October 2nd 2016 at Doyles Equestrian Centre, Coole Lane, Rathvilly, Co Carlow.

See our Facebook Page


A fantastic and informative day was had by all Great Dane enthusiasts and many other breeds attended on the day.

GDAI would like to thank everyone for their attendance and support on the day.

Our day included a meet and greet stand with health and information packs. Our brand new association merchandise stand. Guess the Great Dane weight. Fun show sponsored by Royal Canin, many thanks to Royal canin for sponsoring prizes on the day. Kiddies corner including pony rides and face painting. Peta pet therapy stand. Agility with thanks to Nuala O’ Brien and her team. Raffle, cake stall and crufts best of breed Chandon.

To round of a very enjoyable and fantastic day we has celebratory GDAI cake and champagne, which was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to everyone again

Photos to follow



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