GDAI Mission Statement


The Great Dane Association of Ireland
Mission Statement

The GDAoI was formed in July 2016 by a group of concerned Great Dane owners, breeders, judges, educators, trainers, enthusiasts, rescuers and genuine lovers of the breed who participate in a large and diverse variety of activities with their dogs. The Association is promoting the breed in Ireland and beyond, via its website and the social media; its membership is dispersing correct and useful information to the public and energetically serving the breed’s best interests in a responsible manner. The Association actively encourages everyone to breed to the Standard of excellence and acquire a deep knowledge of the breed that can be put into effective use under the Association’s guidance. The Association is seeking to work under the auspices of the IKC and the FCI; the Association’s members share a common interest in preserving and protecting the Great Dane in all its integrity, mentally, physically and genetically, safeguarding the breed from the challenges it is facing today and nurturing these unique dogs to ensure they develop  their natural  qualities to perfection.

The Association’s mission is to work in harmony with owners, breeders, exhibitors, judges, veterinarians, dog behavior experts, genetic scientists, canine organizations and many others to improve the genetic health of the Great Dane and achieve its ideal in conformation, fitness and temperament; promoting and furthering ethical and genetically sound breeding practices; to provide accurate information about the breed through comprehensive education in all aspects of the breed, as well as assist owners and breeders facing challenges sharing their lives with Great Danes. The Association is also devoted to the purpose of locating suitable homes for those Danes that have been abused, found homeless, or in other types of situations requiring rescue, fostering and re-homing. The ultimate goal of the Association is to see that the standard of the Great Dane breed is maintained at the highest level and that its soundness, health and welfare are given top priority.

One of the key ingredients to achieving the goals of the Association’s mission statement is communication, openness and transparency. By addressing its genetic future, the responsibilities involved with ownership and its preservation, the Association seeks to create a positive and inclusive ethical environment that will allow the Great Dane to recover from several life-threatening inherited health problems and thrive. This site, as well as the entire Association membership, are thoroughly devoted to that purpose.

The Association seeks to achieve these goals with inclusive, democratic procedures and teamwork between members and others. The Association welcomes persons from Ireland and the international Great Dane community who are keen to assist in its mission and adhere to its high standard of conduct and breed-serving policies. The Association aspires to be an inspirational and motivational gathering of breed custodians with impeccable behavior, a wealth of experience, a wide variety of skills and moral authority, who can articulate all necessary teachings and take all appropriate actions in steering the breed safely; the Association came into existence at a time when pedigree breeds are facing many challenges and our Giant breed in particular requires a broad basis of support in order to overcome problems that require effective leadership and coordinated efforts. The Association aims to provide these and unite people from many walks of life who can work together for the common goal.

A dedicated interactive website constantly updated and offering a plethora of educational articles and resources, a regular Newsletter, accessible Great Dane database, public lists of stud dogs and litters fulfilling the Association’s criteria; participation in and hosting of conformation and activity events, as well as exhibitions attracting pet owners like the Pet Expo; promoting responsible dog ownership and organising seminars, lectures and workshops by expert guest speakers in genetics, evaluation, breeding strategies, health and a variety of other subjects; socialization events for young dogs and children, open days to encourage fun and interaction between the Association’s members, their dogs and the public; engaging and welcoming the younger generation of fanciers, mentoring & assistance to anyone seeking advice and help in all matters Great Dane, publications and cooperation between Great Dane organizations, are merely a fraction of the ideas and numerous ways the Association is set to achieve these goals, while simultaneously providing meaningful and valuable services to its members and the dog-loving community in Ireland.

Irish Kennel Club Affiliated