Agility For Great Danes

15218463_10154188744378995_899721068_n 15218226_10154188744498995_1574637458_n 15239227_10154188744643995_1808205202_n-1 15240261_10154188744438995_1207898733_n 15281120_10154188744543995_839753134_n 15282004_10154188744268995_263006095_nAgility, simply, is where a dog handler or owner trains their dog(s) to follow their instructions in doing an obstacle course generally made up of jumps, hoops, tunnels, see-saw, bridge, stationary table, A-frame and more.

Training is done by the speed of the canine learning and age is a factor. For our Danes we need to be mindful of the joints throughout growth. So as a puppy I would only recommend having the boards flat on the ground for them to get used to the texture, the jump poles on the ground to walk over, here you are already building awareness and coordination. With time, training can be increased. One piece at a time and then put together as a course, slowly at first and then speed is increased. Safety and health of the canines throughout all is paramount.

Agility is the ability to change the body’s position and direction efficiently. It requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of;  Balance (to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving through the coordinated actions of our sensory functions, static balance and dynamic balance), Speed, Strength, Coordination, Reflexes and Endurance.
By training in agility, whether fun or competitive you will be increasing the above skills in your canine, therefore you will be helping your Great Dane to be in an athletic and agile state.

To find out about competitions, rules, grades or classes and measurements/ height information and more, here is the link to Ikc:


For agility in your area here is a list of places we know you can take your Great Dane to have some Agility fun:



  • Woodview Agility





















More information and contact details to follow.

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