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Cumann na nDanar Mór in Éirinn


Membership Application



I/We hereby apply for membership to the Association and confirm that I have never been convicted in a Court of Law for any offences related with cruelty to animals and that I have not been banned from participation by the Irish Kennel Club, the F.C.I. or other recognised Kennel Club.

I remit herewith the Application & Membership Free per person as indicated below. Enclosed amount =

(Individual :  €20  Annual Renewal:  €10) ( Family Membership: € 40 Family Renewal: €20)

Applicant /’s Details:

First    Applicant                                                           Second Applicant


Name __________________________                                   Name_____________________________


Address________________________                                   Address___________________________   


_______________________________                                    __________________________________


County ________________________                                    County ___________________________


Country _______________________                                     Country __________________________


Date of Birth __/___/_____Occupation______________        Date of Birth ___/____/____Occupation______________

Ph Number (H)_____________Mobile________________     Ph Number(H)_______________Mobile_______________

Email _________________________                                    Email_____________________________

PLEASE NOTE: The association’s formal method of communication is email unless otherwise stated. Under family membership where only one email address is provided it is assumed agreed that this is a sufficient form of communication for both applicant and Junior members.  Please list the name and age of all Jr members under 18 years of age.  

  Name Age

Website/s (if dog / Dane related) 1_________________________ 2_________________________________

I/ We participate in (please tick all that apply)

Currently active in Would be interested in Currently active in Would like to participate in
Confirmation Showing Search & Rescue
Agility Temperament testing
Obedience Assistance Dogs
Canine good Citizen Other:
Therapy Dogs Other :
Lure Coursing Other :
Breeding Other :
Blood Donor Other


I/We are member/s of good Standing in the following Clubs:


When did you get your first Great Dane? ___________________ (Year) Whom/ where from? ________________________

How many Great Danes currently live with you? _____Please list below the Age, Sex & colour(s) of your Great Dane(s)

Age Sex Colour Age Sex Colour Age Sex Colour
1. 8. 15.
2. 9. 16
3. 10. 17.
4. 11. 18.
5. 12. 19.
6. 13. 20.
7. 14. 21.


How are your great Danes housed ______________________ Do you co-own any Great Danes?_____________________

Do you breed / intend to breed? Yes [     ] No [     ]             Kennel Name _______________________

Have any of your dogs ever been Rescued or surrendered to a Welfare Facility? Yes [   ] No [   ]
If yes please provide details ____________________________________________________

If you breed, how many litters have you bred? _____________ From ______ to ______ (Years)

Do you judge the breed? Yes [     ] No [     ] Level ___________

Any special areas that you are qualified / interested in and you feel you could contribute to?


Which of the following fields are of particular interest to you and/ or would you like to help with?

Breeders Education Show Organisation Health & Research Temperament Assessment / Aptitude Testing
Judges Education Junior Showmanship Puppy Parties Breed Surveyor / Warden
Fundraising Rescue Database Obedience /Special Training
Sponsorship Fostering Breed History Ring Craft
Website Companion dog events Newsletter/ Annual Seminars / Lectures
Stewarding Cups & Trophies Association Merchandise Show Catalogue
Genetics & Breeding Event hosting / organizing GDAI stand Pet Expo etc.
Breed Standard Illustration/ Discussion Document

Why do you wish to join the Association? _____________________________________________________________________


I certify that I answered all questions honestly and to the best of my ability. In the event that my application is successful I agree to the Association’s Statutes, Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct & Policies and the rules of the IKC / FCI. I understand that the Association’s Committee has the sole authority to accept or reject my application without giving me an explanation. I authorise the Association to print my details in the Association membership list. (If you don’t wish your address, telephone number & e-mail to be listed please tick here [    ]).

Applicant 1___________________________________ Applicant 2________________________________________

Print name in full ___________________________                    Print name in full___________________________________

Signature _____________________Date____________            Signature __________________   ___Date_____  ______

Every Application must be signed by two Full members of the Association who know the Applicant(s) and can personally vouchsafe for them. The signatories must review the application in full and fill & sign the below, indicating if they recommend the Applicant either as Full or Associate Member                                                                                                                                 :   

Member One                                                                 Member Two

Name______________________________                       Name______________________________

Address____________________________                       Address____________________________

City_______________________________                        City________________________________

County____________________________                         County______________________________

Postcode__________________________                         Postcode____________________________

Phone____________________________                          Phone_______________________________

E-mail____________________________                          E-mail_______________________________

Signature_________________________                          Signature____________________________

Date______________________________                         Date________________________________

Member One: I recommend the Applicant as Full Member [       ] Associate Member [       ]

Member Two: I recommend the Applicant as Full Member [       ] Associate Member [       ]

Payment Method Fee schedule: (Individual €20 Annual Renewal:  €10) (Family Membership: € 40 Family Renewal: €20)

Pay Pal     Send payments to please state the name of the applicant/s which the payment refers also ensure that you cover the Pay Pal fee and the full amount of membership is sent to the GDAI or this may hold up your application.

By Post payments can be made with completed application or renewal form enclosing a Cheque, Draft or copy of Pay Pal confirmation only DO NOT SEND CASH by Post. Please note that all questions must be answered for the application to be considered. Completed Applications and payment or Pay Pal confirmation to:  The Treasurer, Great Dane Association Ireland, Skyview, Baskin Lane, Cloghran, Co. Dublin 

If you wish to receive a receipt please enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Receipts will be issued after the applications have been processed and envelopes will be returned with refund of fees by cheque in case the application is not successful.

For office use only NOTEs: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Date received Date for committee Approved Yes  / No  Date Votes
Entered on to Data Base Added to FB Received welcome Pack Assigned a buddy


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